What we care about

Adacio was founded on three principles:
1) To create games people love to play. We’re here to create games we’d love to play even if someone else had created them. They should be easy to learn but should have enough gameplay depth to hold the interest of more advanced players.
2) To make games that people play for a very long time. In our opinion the games industry has an unhealthy bias for games that are hot for a year or two and forgotten soon after.

We want to create games that people play for years, or better yet, generations. We want people to play our games not just this year but 50 years from now.
3) Great people make great games. We hire only great team players who get lots of stuff done and organize into small teams that own the vision and roadmap for their product. If you’re an owner who wants to make a mark in the games industry you’ll be a perfect fit. If you want to be told what to do, you’ll be better off working for our larger competitors.

Who we are

Brent Vincent – Founder

Brent Vincent founded Adacio in 2014 to pursue a lifelong dream to create games that touch people’s lives and that people play for generations. Previously Brent consulted for companies like Logitech, Nestle and Tahiti Perles and more recently led teams within Amazon, Ning and LinkedIn. Brent lives in Cupertino with his wife, two daughters and a Goldendoodle named Ellie.

Aaron Ross – COO

Aaron has always had a love of business. From counseling his parents to invest in property at the ripe old age of 8 years old to owning a real estate brokerage, Aaron has been gaining experience in business for a long time. With an MBA and experience leading sales and support teams in multi-million dollar business segments, Aaron is well versed in operations and business development. Also, he’s been playing Dungeons and Dragons since he was six.

Justin Heidenreich – Production Designer

Justin Heidenreich just wants the game world to be a more beautiful place. Like Will Smith in Men In Black, his role as Production Designer at Adacio is to “make this look GOOD.” With a background in 3D animation, design, and motion graphics, Justin brings his vast and varied experiences to the art of making games. In his spare time, he wrangles sharks from the ocean with his bare hands.

Takbeom Heogh – Designer

Takbeom Heogh is an enthusiastic student from Korea who has always craved an opportunity to show his ideas and aesthetic sense to the world. Tak studied Industrial design within the automotive industry, but he loves to draw more creative things like airships, spaceships and robots, so he jumped into the game industry in 2015.