LATICE™ is a board game where you strategically match tiles by color and shape. You win by being the first player to play all your tiles, taking advantage of special tiles and squares on the board. Gameplay intensifies as the game progresses, as more tiles on the board mean more gameplay opportunities, until space starts to run out. The strategy becomes interesting as you learn how to set yourself up while shutting down opportunities for your opponents.

LATICE was created by the team at Adacio (Brent Vincent, Justin Heidenreich, Takbeom Heogh, Joel Schilling) with special thanks to Shane Levine for design and Thor (Thomas Thorspecken) for illustrations. We think the world needs more games like LATICE and we put together this Kickstarter campaign because we can’t build it without you.

So if you like colors, shapes, family, fun, strategy, zombies, vampires, fluffy animals, post-apocalyptic mutants or just designing your own stuff, please help us make this game a reality. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Very best wishes,
Brent, Justin, Tak, Joel
The Adacio Team

* Patent Pending. LATICE is a trademark of Adacio Inc.

Simple enough for children
With deeper strategy for adults
Only 20 minutes to play

No gender, age or language barriers